Short Take on Stormy’s Thursday Testimony


The Manhattan trial of Donald Trump is another distraction, with a bevy of shallow, unreliable witnesses and conflicted prosecutors, judges, and DA. The former president could be found guilty because the jury pool is nearly 90% Biden voters, and many of his jurors get their news from the NY Times, WaPo, and one also gets it from TikTok.

Stormy admitted she signed a document in 2018 that she never had an affair with Donald Trump. She also had no knowledge of Trump’s involvement in her payoff.

This is a good recap:

Even a commenter, Elle Honig, at CNN, thought Stormy Daniels blew it. Although, he found her description of the sexual encounter believable. What I’d like to know is why she is even testifying. This isn’t about whether she slept with Donald Trump or not. Who cares. It was 18 years ago.

There is no doubt an experienced hooker could describe a fake sexual encounter and make it sound very plausible.

The entire case is absurd. There wasn’t even a crime. District Attorney Alvin Bragg invented one after the fact.

It’s hard to get excited about this insane trial. Left and Right could speculate all day, but all that matters is the jury. The prosecution is trying to make Donald Trump as repulsive as possible, so the jury finds him guilty of being unlikeable since they don’t have a case.

Honig said her performance was “disastrous.” She admitted she hates Donald Trump and owes him $500,000 she will never pay despite a court order.

This lawyer goes through trashy Stormy’s testimony:

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