NY’s Equal Rights Amendment Puts Boys in Girl’s Bathrooms


According to Spectrum News, “before it was knocked off the ballot by a state Supreme Court justice Tuesday, New York voters were set to decide in November on Proposition 1, otherwise known as New York’s Equal Rights Amendment.”

The ERA would solidify abortion rights in the state constitution and expand protections against discrimination against women and LGBTQI+ individuals, among others.

Democrats want to put this in the state constitution!

Republicans, led by former Rep. Lee Zeldin, the former Republican candidate for governor, argued Monday that they want New Yorkers to read the amendment carefully. They feel it contains more than Democrats openly admit.

“This is not an amendment that is all about abortion,” he told reporters. “If they wanted an amendment that’s all about abortion, they should have written one.”

Democrats say they need an equal rights amendment now that Roe v. Wade has been struck down. This amendment goes way further than that. It puts boys in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.

They could warp this into mandatory transgender surgeries for children. The ideologues could bow to the LGBT radicals on the school curriculum, claiming not to do so is discrimination.

Lee Zeldin characterized it as Democrats pulling a ‘fast one.”

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