Asheville Reparations: Free Money for Low-Income & Ex-Cons


Asheville’s 25-member Community Reparations Commission that’s been meeting more than two years is recommending city and county leaders launch a guaranteed direct cash payment program to help support individuals with extreme low income levels.

People with low income and prison records would get paid for doing nothing and could spend the money any way they want.

The panel hasn’t said it would be only for black residents to avoid “breaking national ground.”

They are asking for Universal Basic Income (UBI), which is communism.

Reparations Commission Chair Dr. Dwight Mullen Chair said other cities are seeing positive outcomes with cash payment programs that, in effect, can help Black families in Asheville.

“What is the way of closing disparities by race in this area,” Mullen said. “In education, housing, healthcare, and criminal justice, and economics, what do we know for a fact works? The specificity of the grants is one of the things that makes our cash payments really different.”

The pilot program focuses on individuals released from incarceration to support those entering the community after prison—nothing like rewarding criminals.

This would be a massive redistribution of wealth from people who earned the money to people with low incomes and criminals. How about a jobs program for them instead? They should get training and jobs.

“I really don’t know the amount, but it will be enough to affect the overall poverty level that individual families are experiencing,” Mullen said.

They also plan to put up a black business hub.

Do they really think people will want to work to support people who don’t or just got out of prison?

These people have been acclimated to handouts instead of a hand-up.

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