Showtime’s ‘The Comey Rule’ is the most craptastic anti-Trump ad ever


“The Comey Rule” on Showtime is the exact opposite of the truth. The Guardian calls it “the longest and most star-studded attack ad in history.”  Trump is obviously supposed to be a scary creature and Comey is a smug dupe of sorts.

The show, which follows disgraced former FBI director Jim Comey’s book, Higher Loyalty, is a craptastic mix of liberal/leftist distortions and fantasies. The actors in publicizing it made it clear they are also of the left.

We must keep in mind that this is being shown after an FBI agent working on the Mueller team said there never was evidence of Russia collusion but the Mueller team had a ‘get Trump‘ goal.

And in the Flynn case, FBI analysts bought insurance fearing they’d be sued for professional misconduct. It was that bad — they had no predicate.

The movie makes NO mention of the Mueller report that found no proof of Russia-Trump collusion.

The film does the opposite and suggests the 2020 election will be bought by Russian President Putin just like in 2016.


This is so dishonest, as is Comey’s self-promoting book. Critics should destroy it, and they don’t. None address the truth.

The NY Times didn’t think much of the “clunky” film but they love the point. The LA Times thinks it’s a cautionary tale, warning us about Trump and 2020. The WSJ found it “gripping” because of actor Jeff Daniels but a bit burlesque in part 2. However, they feel Comey’s pain. The Guardian, a communistic publication, wrote, “Trump behaves like a common jerk rather than a nihilistic force of spiteful chaos, which is to say that he’s recognizably human.”

Not one recalled all the evidence we now have available to us.


The two-part event, airing Sept. 27 and 28 on Showtime, begins with the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s home-brewed email server. It’s a rote dramatization of recent history, something liberals blame for the former First Lady’s shocking electoral defeat … along with Russia, Facebook ads, Fake News, sexism, and low information voters.

The miniseries exists to cover the dawn of the Russia collusion scandal [or should we say coup attempt by the Democrats?].

Writer/director Billy Ray designed “The Comey Rule” as cautionary tale voters must see before Election Day. There’s so much fiction, it leaves one breathless.

Part I

Part 1 focuses on then-FBI Director James Comey’s task of investigating if Clinton broke the law by bypassing traditional email methods.

The miniseries opens with Stephen Colbert, asking his “Late Show” crowd if Comey (Jeff Daniels) was a good guy or a bad guy via a CBS clip. Well, you know how that went.

The Left saw Comey as a monster for investigating Clinton in the first place, and Colbert became crazed after Comey re-opened the investigation mere weeks before the 2016 election.

Once Comey took on Trump, though, he became a Resistance hero. He was forgiven. The film shows Comey as a redeemed hero of sorts. His fault was that he loves honesty and his country so, so much.

This is the same Comey who happily told MSNBC—in 2018—that he ignored standard protocols while interviewing Gen. Michael Flynn. It’s the Comey-led FBI which tried to “get [Flynn] to lie” in order to “prosecute him or get him fired.”

Daniels made Comey seem too smug and arrogant, full of hubris. He got that part right. However, he’s also a hero who takes on his wife and children who want him to leave Hillary alone.

Then the vulgar real estate mogul enters the frame.

Part 1 sets up the key players, including Sally Yates (Holly Hunter in full superheroine mode), under oath liar Andy McCabe (Michael Kelly), Lisa Page (Oona Chaplin), and Peter Strzok (Steven Pasquale). They must figure out if Clinton knowingly broke the law or directed her team to mass delete her (yoga) emails, The Daily Wire reports.

Part II

Part 2 has two cunning Russian agents discussing how to sabotage Clinton’s presidential dreams.

“Ever spend much time on Facebook?” one asks the other, even though the Russian’s spending on that platform was microscopic at best. And they trashed Trump as well.

The miniseries message is Comey is above reproach and every FBI agent is apolitical.

Also, Comey abhors leaks … unless he’s the one doing the leaking.

They depicted the Steele Dossier as coming from a “highly credible source,” even though we now know the source was under investigation by the FBI from 2009 to 2011 as a Russian spy, as The Hill noted again recently.

The Mueller Report shredded much of the Russian collusion narrative last year, well before “The Comey Rule” went into production.

Strzok and Page, notorious for referring to an “insurance policy” against a Trump presidency, are protected in this craptastic film. The miniseries makes them into innocents.

Gleeson’s Trump is the version of Trump we see on the news, without the humor and the intelligence.

It’s a caricature of the man. Everyone on Trump’s team is, except for General Flynn who’s a clown.

We hear the crime goes up when Trump is elected (a hoax), he won’t criticize Putin, and Russia elected Trump and he’ll do it again, thanks to the Clapper character.

The miniseries also says the Russians hacked both the DNC and RNC but only released info from the former. Yet that’s not true, as even the leftist Politifact declared.

The Mueller Report had no impeachable offenses, just some embarrassing behaviors, but that is ignored.

It’s as the Guardian said, “the longest and most star-studded attack ad in history.” They got that right although they love it for that.

What kind of country do we live in that allows an injustice like this? The Comey Rule is garbage.

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