Great interview with Ric Grenell: It’s a war with DC – we need ‘the disrupter’


This is a great interview with former DNI Ric Grennell. During the interview, Grenell explains why the electorate sees President Trump as the peace candidate. Trump was the only candidate in 2016 who said we needed to stop spending money on these endless wars and bring our soldiers back home.

Trump was told he would not win the election with that view but it was popular with the electorate.

If you don’t have time, definitely go to 36:00 where he talks about the FBI and the Steele dossier. He told Starbuck and his co-host that the Steele dossier required transparency. Grenell explained that you have to look for an active source or method to keep information classified. If there isn’t an active source or method as in the case of the dossier, it must be transparent.

There were voices who said the source had an agenda — the source was tied to the Kremlin — but they were ignored. The senior officials pushed all the warnings aside. The government was “weaponized,” Grenell said.

This is why transparency is extremely important. Too many people go on TV and say they saw a lot of collusion with Russians but can’t reveal it and then they go under oath and say the opposite.

The former DNI said that this election is a war of the people against D.C.

Go to 41:00 where he discusses Trump as “the disrupter.” Grenell wants people to understand Donald Trump is truly an outsider who doesn’t play by the rules and the insiders literally love the secret, protective system. They have chosen the ultimate insider and they don’t want an outsider who won’t play with them. Joe Biden will play by their rules.

If you don’t like President Trump’s style, keep in mind that we need a “bull in the china shop” because we need reform. Trump doesn’t care what the insiders, including the media, have to say.

Watch or at least watch the next clip from the interview:

Just in case you can’t get on Periscope, please watch this short clip, but try to watch the entire interview on Periscope:

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3 years ago

I am agreement with Ric Grenelle. If Trump were Mr. Nice Guy, he would have been long gone. He really does have a battle against most of Washington and that includes a family member. We know who he is and has had way too much influence….