Suspect who hit an officer in the head with a metal bat is son of former state rep


Remember the man who hit an officer in the head with a metal bat in Seattle? It turns out that the suspect is a former state representative’s son. The suspect was also arrested for arson.

The stepson of a former Democratic state lawmaker was arrested for suspected arson. Now, he’s a suspect in the assault of a Seattle police officer. The video of the assault can be seen below.

The 19-year-old suspect, Jacob Greenberg, who appears to be a Black Lives Matter/Black Bloc antifa from his FB page, was arrested in Kirkland on suspicion of arson during a weekend riot outside of the East Precinct. Police reportedly also suspect him in a Molotov cocktail attack and a separate arson against the East Precinct, Jason Rantz of radio 770 KTTH reports.

From his FB photos:

Police searched his home and found a matching bat and outfit. If it wasn’t for the helmet, the officer would have been critically injured or killed.

Greenberg is the stepson of former representative Laura Ruderman of Kirkland. She was the Vice-Chair of the Technology, Telecommunications, and Energy Committee, and also served on the Appropriations, Rules, and Health Care Committees.

A judge set Greenberg’s bail at just $20,000, rejecting the King County Prosecutor’s Office request of $350,000.

His connections might have helped.

Greenberg’s Facebook is full of anti-police posts, including “We don’t get justice they don’t get peace!” His last post, from September 24, says he was at the protest turned riot. He asked for help to get suspects out of jail. This time, he relied on his mother to bail him out.


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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

A democrat representative’s son becomes a domestic terrorist. His mother must be proud.

3 years ago

How do these rioters justify this irrational violence and disorder? They don’t have to. There are no consequences to their actions. Until they are prosecuted, the rioting will continue, as it has in Portland for years.

3 years ago

Liberals breed. Liberals raise liberals. Liberalism is a mental disorder. The Democrat Party is replete with liberals.

One should expect liberals to support intolerance, push back against authority, oppose rules of law and the enforcement thereof, incite violence, be violent and defend each other. It is no wonder that law enforcement officers are targets of their anger.