Sidney Powell suspects CIA helped rig the election


Sidney Powell began this interview with former Governor Huckabee by asking about her statement that Georgians shouldn’t vote for the two senators if the governor doesn’t ask for a special session of the legislature. She explained that wasn’t what they meant. They were just making a point.

They discussed the hundreds of affidavits in support of her cases of voter fraud. She suspects the CIA is involved in rigging this election, but presented no evidence.



  1. Asking for a special session will help these 2 candidates, not hurt them. This shows how deep sentiment is in party leadership against Trump. The candidates dare not do the right thing, challnege the establishment, and demand a fair election. Mitch is the ringleader of this RINO corruption.

    How can folks not see through this? Kemp made Loeffler a senator.

  2. Powell seems correct, to me. The MSM, Dems, and many Republicans simply don’t want Trump. They insist that there’s not even evidence of election fraud as they ignore a mountain of actual PROOF! It’s sad, but the players involved are so big that the Left can simply dismiss it all as a crazy conspiracy theory. I have faith in Trump but the juggernaut is so colossal that I don’t think there’s any way for him to expose it all in time to save his second term. And when the Dems take over…things will not be pretty. At all.

    • All he needs is one state overturned… If he gets GA to over turn then others will follow. Not that Trump will need the others to follow, either PA or GA will suffice for the win. Hnag in there. Its a war…

      • You’re optimistic. I wish I could be the same. The Democrats, media and Republicans are all doing their best to get rid of Trump, and are perfectly willing to destroy the country to do it.

    • This won’t go down well for the Dems if this election fraud is brushed under the carpet. Do they really think more than half of the country is going to take this lying down? We will find a way to make their lives miserable. Thank God we have the guts and the guns to fight our way out of the corner they have pushed us into.

  3. I think the Trumpers ought to be working on the impeachment of Biteme and when they kick him out start impeachment against Ma Commie Harris give the dem/communists a little taste of their own Bulls–.

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