Sidney Powell triples down



We have more from Sidney Powell here. She’s tripling down in these calls with Glen Beck.

Dinesh isn’t too happy with Tucker. But Tucker has come through quite a lot under tough circumstances. Let’s give him a chance.


Alan Dershowitz is involved in the Trump cases, and whatever bad press his reputation has gotten, no one can take away the fact that he’s a brilliant legal mind.

Dershowitz says Trump can win, but it won’t be easy. The team has two winning arguments. For one, the courts changed the law for counting votes. The other is equal protection under the law. Democrats were allowed to cure ballots, and Republicans were left out.

The problem is proving there were enough ballots to overturn the election results.

Dershowitz also acknowledges it looks like Sidney Powell has a case by the numbers, but he hasn’t seen the case.




  1. Maria Bartiromo’s interview with Dershowitz she played a very short clip of Dominion’s CEO testimony before the house on Jan 2020, here is part of what he said ” there is an unofficial plug in to cast votes after the polls close” theres a little more to what he said but my takeaway is he was talking about the Dominion counting machines, we don’t know what question he was asked to give that response. the UNOFFICIAL PLUG IN makes me go HHHMMMM. why would they have that on their machines ?????????

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