Sinema Still Rejects Any Filibuster Carve-Out & the Left Is in a Rage


On Wednesday, Sinema announced that she is not on board with changing the Senate rules to require a simple majority or a carve-out to the filibuster. Ending or gutting the filibuster “would allow the 50-50-Senate-plus-Kamala to force through any bills the Democrats see fit, even through the dubious process known as “reconciliation.”

She’s also opposed to the Build Back Better socialist bill.

I guess Senator Sinema isn’t ready to be a communist yet. That qualifies her as a moderate for Democrats.

Joe Manchin is also not going along with the carve-out at this time.

Sinema’s constituents are “shocked and dismayed.”

It’s interesting that they are not any nicer to her as an LGBT woman.

Local progressive (commie) organizers and Democratic strategists are already looking at resolving Arizona’s Sinema ‘problem’. Channel Powe, a former Arizona school board member and current spokesperson for Just Democracy, recently detailed the $1.5 million progressive incentive to pressure Sinema on the filibuster.

They’re trying to buy her off and threaten her at the same time.

“We’re going to make it politically impossible for Senator Sinema to continue to stand by the filibuster. In this week of action, we are creating a surround sound effect that pushes Senator Sinema on the filibuster. We wanted to share the terrifying consequences of the world that Sinema is enabling.”

Powe added: “Once upon a time, she was a mentor of mine in a 2011 political fellowship that I participated in. I looked up to her. Kyrsten used to be a fierce fighter for the people. But once she got to Congress, she turned her back on the very same people who helped her get her in office.”

Maybe she doesn’t want to be a communist, Powe.


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