Six Illegal Alien Cartel Members Convicted in Massive Drug Operation


Six illegal aliens, members of a Mexican drug cartel, were convicted last week for smuggling massive amounts of drugs across state lines. One of the men is a high-ranking member of a Mexican cartel.

Their cartel is a rival of the powerful Sinaloa cartel, whose notorious leader Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was convicted last week.

They were arrested in an elaborate drug trafficking operation in North Carolina, according to reports.

The massive drug operation included transporting large amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine across state lines — for instance, from Texas to Georgia and North Carolina, WSOC reported.

The feds identified the suspects as Oscar Rangel-Gutierrez, Regulo Rangel-Gutierrez, Francisco Garcia-Martinez, Rodolfo Martinez, Raul Rangel-Gutierrez and Rigoberto Rangel-Gutierrez.

Why are we bringing this trash into the country? We are turning our nation into a hellhole. We have a drug problem in America. One thing we can do to arrest it is to close the border.

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