Skin Color Rules in Early Admissions to Ivy Leagues


Jen Kaifesh, the founder of Great Expectations College Prep, whose clients hail from ritzy Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and Brentwood, called early admissions results “a dumpster fire.” They’re not accepting a lot of the rich white kids on early admissions.

As an example, one student attended an exclusive independent school, is a top student and leader with reams of extracurriculars. He was deferred from an Ivy League school despite a legacy connection. Classmates who’d also applied for early decision to the school were flat-out rejected.

Legacy connections were always questionable, but are we abandoning meritocracy for skin color?

White, rich kids might be at a disadvantage.


Brown University says that 51% of its most recent early decision admits self-identified as Black, Latinx, Native American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, or Asian. The University of California system announced that it received more Latino and Black applicants this season than ever before.

The pandemic, George Floyd/Black Lives Matter, and the optional ACT and SAT has led colleges and universities to pick students by skin color. They are also choosing kids who are the first in their families to attend college.


“No one is arguing that the college admissions system is not in major need of reform. The so-called meritocracy of admissions has always been a false front with the odds blatantly stacked in favor of those with means. All those $500-an-hour independent college counselors advising rich kids on what nonprofit to start as a means of demonstrating character and do-gooder-ism. All those fencing and equestrian lessons that lead to walk-on slots at Harvard and Princeton. Colleges’ anemic acceptance rates have only fueled the sense that an education at an elite college has become a rare luxury.”

“The push to inject more [Marxist] equity into the system is outwardly applauded, even by families who have benefited from the status quo. These families understand the social and civic significance—”

It’s put college admissions and parents with certain expectations into chaos.


There will be more problems later this year, when the Supreme Court hears a bid to outlaw affirmative action in response to lawsuits brought against Harvard and the University of North Carolina. Both were sued separately for discriminating against Asian-American and white applicants.

David Card, a labor economist at University of California, Berkeley, and a key witness for Harvard in the affirmative action case, says eliminating race-conscious admissions would decrease the number of Harvard students who identify as Black, Hispanic, or “Other” by nearly 50 percent.” Actually, he’s talking about skin color, isn’t he?

Everyone should want minorities to have a shot at the big prize, however, picking people by skin color is racist. Why not just go with meritocracy, period? Marxist equity is based on the lowest common denominator – skin color – and it’s racism. Is this correction injustice with more injustice? What do you think?


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