Fox Outfit Explains Why They Fired Tucker Despite Their Supreme Virtue


On Tuesday, Sky News Australia, owned by Fox’s sister company News Corp, explained why Tucker was axed. He was “sacked essentially for thinking he was bigger than Fox News.” So, it was an ego thing. The supreme virtue comment comes at the end.

Maybe he’s a boss fighter. We can’t say. Perhaps he just wanted the freedom they promised him.

Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch

One of Sky New’s top anchors, Andrew Bolt, shared the report that Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch alone decided to ax Carlson. He did it all by himself. [Perhaps with a push from his left-wing wife?]

We’ve heard it was Ruper, then Lachlan and CEO Smith. Now it’s Lachlan alone (they call him the lucky sperm).

“The message is now out,” Bolt said on Tuesday. “If you threaten your station or your newspaper by going a bit nuts, you know, saying all sorts of wild things that maybe you know are false or maybe you haven’t even bothered to check enough, it doesn’t matter how big you are, you are never bigger than the media organization that actually made you.”

“Fox News is part of the Murdoch media Empire that includes Sky News,” Bolt added. “Tucker was actually sacked, and some outlets had reported just before I went to air he was sacked by Lachlan Murdoch, the day-to-day boss of News Corp.”

He mentioned that they lost other “giants” like Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Megyn Kelly, suggesting it didn’t matter. Bolt added, “Maybe now some other hosts, and not just Fox News, will realize it is Lachlan Murdoch who runs the business, and it’s not them.”

So, he did this out of ego to show who’s boss? That sounds like a stupid reason. What do you think?

Bolt also mentioned the Dominion lawsuit but acknowledged Tucker wasn’t as bad as some of their hosts. He told a colleague that another host should be fired for saying the election wasn’t rigged.

So what? Petty office gossip is now a big deal?

Bolt brought up the Abby Grossberg lawsuit. She first tried to extort Fox News, and they rejected it. Now she’s in court suing him and on TV sounding egotistical. She said she has a tape of Tucker calling a woman a “c***”. Maybe she is.

Bolt suggested Tucker provided support to the brutal Russian dictator, Vlad Putin.

The brass didn’t like Tucker calling Ukraine hopelessly corrupt and Bidenistas liars for supporting the war.

They didn’t like Tucker allegedly suggesting Fox was socialist and felt threatened.

He got that idea because Lachlan and Volodymyr had a warm conversation, and Lachlan donated to his war effort.

Lachlan also didn’t like Tucker’s monologue on Friday night. It’s interesting to note that the Soros-funded Poynter dot org fact-checkers were displeased with the show of April 21st also, claiming it was racist.

Lachlan Didn’t Like Friday’s Monologue

Friday’s monologue: Bringing in millions of foreigners to get electoral control; the housing rule – Home Act to make the suburbs urban; pricier mortgages for better credit scores; and more.

Bolt said they didn’t fire Tucker sooner because “The Murdoch media has always had one supreme virtue that has made me such a fan … hosts and journalists get a lot of freedom to say what they think.”

Supreme virtue might be a tad much!

That backfired on Tucker, he said.

So, you see, they’re heroes with supreme virtue.


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