Tucker Speaks to a Reporter After Fox Fired Him Shamefully


According to The Daily Mail online, Carlson said upon leaving his $5.5 million beach home in Boca Grande, Florida, “Retirement is going great so far.”

“I haven’t eaten dinner with my wife on a weeknight in seven years,” Carlson said.

The Daily Mail asked him about his future after two decades in cable news. Carlson joked, “Appetizers plus entrée.”

The Mail watched Carlson and his wife drive off in a golf cart down a small road as Carlson laughed.

A reporter named Lara Seligman texted him after he was fired and told him the Pentagon is happy he was gone. Tucker responded, “Hah, I’ll bet.”

And Fox News got their wish. They are more a  part of the regime.

The viewers in the primetime 8 pm slot with the new show ‘Fox News Tonight’ aren’t down much in the ratings. There aren’t many places to go if you are a Republican or a Conservative. Many people don’t get OANN, and Newsmax is a significant change. Both have low viewership compared to Fox. However, I don’t think it’s about that or money for Tucker. He’ll have enough money.

John Basham reports that according to the ratings released by This week, Tucker Carlson Tonight is the most-watched cable news program in history on @FoxNews@YouTube Channel. Carlson’s segments from the past four months have drawn over 60 million views.

Tucker pulled in younger viewers with record numbers of the key 25-54-year-old demographic that is so important to advertisers. On Wednesday, the show’s numbers decreased to 2.5+ million, but by Thursday, they were back up to 2.9+.

Ditching Tucker will get Fox more lucrative advertising, and they can please whatever regime they support these days. Roger Ailes cared more about the message than Rupert.


Former Fox host Glenn Beck and Jeremy Boreing, the founder of a conservative media company, The Daily Wire, have both said they’d love to offer a job to Carlson, who courted controversy by arguing against US involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and rejected the notion that January 6 was an insurrection.

OANN founder Rob Herring offered Tucker $25 million. However, he might want to be off on his own like Bill O’Reilly, who seems happy with his new gig as the owner of a small empire.

First, his lawyer has to negotiate the payout from Fox News.  He was at Fox for 14 years, and his abrupt firing was unkind and somewhat impulsive.

Tucker’s lawyer also represents Don Lemon. The lawyer, Mr. Freedman, got $125 million for the wrongful termination of Chris Cuomo.

You have to wonder if Rupert thought this through at all. He is in his 90s and has probably lost some bandwidth.

Tuckers spent Tuesday with his now-fired producer and right-hand man Justin Wells. They plan a future for themselves and will take their viewers with them.

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