Sleazy move: Whitmer tries to sneak gun control into COV package


In a sleazy move, despot Governor Whitmer of Michigan is trying to ban firearms from the state Capitol in Lansing along with a coronavirus aid package.

This is why people hate politicians.

Whitmer’s COVID recovery plan is after a year of trying to bankrupt them with an excessively rigid lockdown that even exceeds New York’s governor horrible, Andrew Cuomo.

The plan offers rental assistance for “households that are unable to pay rent and utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” There is also property tax assistance and “targeted employment and training services.”

When she talks about training for jobs, she means minorities and alternative energy. She’s pushing her agenda while people suffer. She vows to “prioritize residents from underserved or economically distressed communities to provide them with the skills needed for entry into registered apprenticeships in the energy sector to help drive Michigan’s energy transition.”

There is $225 million in support for small businesses. We have yet to see what that means.

The plan includes $5 million to enforce her firearms ban at the state Capitol.



  1. She is a clueless feckless hack and Michiganders get what they deserve for voting her in.
    The big box mart that starts with an M from MI are Bolshevik to the core but what would you expect from union land.
    They had the executive order face diaper über alles sign even before CCP Joe was (s)elected.
    Smoke some more dope dopey dopers of Michigan and enjoy utopia under the Gretch.
    Sorry Amish country you are still an oasis of sanity and serenity as the horse and buggy sound clacks on dirt roads where the Trump signs grow.

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