Sleazy Skeletons in Closets of Phony “Justice Warriors” Schumer & Nadler



We’ve finished a week of Senator Chuck Schumer and Congressman Jerry Nadler lecturing an increasingly disinterested nation on the importance of delivering justice to President Trump.  Now might be a good time to review the history of these two hypocrites, who’ve kept some of their not so shining moments regarding virtue and fairness, along with right vs. wrong, buried deep in their past.

During August of 1999, President Bill Clinton offered clemency to 12 members of FALN.  It was a Puerto Rican terrorist group, with no real support on that island.

Between 1974 and 1983 they set off over 130 bombs in the U.S., killing 6 and wounding many more. Included in that carnage was the historic Fraunces Tavern which was in Nadler’s own district.  Four innocents were slaughtered, and 60 injured!

On the day of the House clemency vote,  Nadler stood and defended Clinton’s action as well as the FALN itself.  He falsely claimed there was no proof, even though at the time four of their members had been convicted of making bombs and a fifth had been convicted of killing someone with a bomb.

But Jerry’s soft-spot for terrorists didn’t stop there.  In October of 1981, Susan Rosenberg and Judith Clark, two members of the May 19th Coalition, were accomplices in a robbery leading to the murder of a Brinks security guard and 2 police officers.  Rosenberg initially escaped. Clark did not.

“Rosenberg continued her major terrorist activity…She was finally caught in 1984, hauling 730 pounds of bombs and several illegal weapons….”. A scant 10 years later, when Rosenberg was first up for parole, Nadler sent a letter to the New York Parole Board recommending her release; which they rejected.  In 2001 Congressman Nadler pitched Clinton directly. During Bill’s last 15 minutes in the office, he pardoned Susan Rosenberg.

More recently Nadler turned his attention to“convicted cop killer” Judith Clark.  Supposedly serving 75 years to life for her complicity in the murder of Nyack police Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly “Chipper” Brown, Jerry sent a letter to the NY parole board urging her release.  It was similar to a letter he sent in 2013.  But while Clark was denied by a unanimous vote then, in the spring of 2019 Congressman Nadler was granted his fever dream.  She was sprung.

Seeing Senator Schumer shamelessly preening in front of friendly cameras never comes as a surprise to anyone.  But, some 16 years ago, during what would normally have been one of those classic ambulance-chasing media moments Chucky lives for, he was MIA.

His stunning absence followed the worst disaster in the 100 plus year history of the Staten Island Ferry.  On October 15, 2003, the Andrew J. Barberi crashed full-speed in a concrete pier at St. George ferry terminal, killing 11 and injuring 165.  The crash was so horrific, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued a statement saying it was not a terrorist attack.

The NYC Department of Transportation, led by Commissioner Iris Weinshall, tried claiming this clearly avoidable tragedy resulted from an Act of God. That pathetic argument was debunked, costing a payout of well over $50 million.  Meanwhile, an independent federal report found “the lion’s share of culpability in this case as resting with the high-level management of the Ferry Service.”         Five people were charged in the U.S. District Court with 11 counts of seaman’s manslaughter and making false statements.

Curiously unscathed by this tragedy was Ms. Weinshall, who continued serving in her position for another 4 years. Following that gig, she took a job at the City University of New York, ironically tasked with overseeing the planning, building, and maintenance of physical structures.

How did she reap all that remarkable good fortune?  Ms. Weinshall is Mrs. Charles Schumer.

While being sermonized by venal pols Nadler and Schumer, remember this duo’s “take” on ”what’s right” is quite fluid.  When serving a personal political agenda, their “justice” has conveniently ignored innocents murdered by terrorists, or killed because of mismanagement of the Staten Island Ferry.


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3 years ago

Gee, imagine that. The Schemers and the Nads both have sleazy pasts. Why am I not surprised? Cuz they are both incompetent and they are long-time politicians who weren’t wealthy before they were elected. Now they are. That’s the simple answer. Love to see the details of how they got there. After they are in the ground.
Agree with Honor America. They all seem to be criminals. These are just two we have some knowledge of.

Frank S.
Frank S.
3 years ago

Honor America- Simply an articulate, concise, brilliant comment.

3 years ago

Both Nadler and Schummer are void of scruples, ethics, or honesty. They don’t give a damn about anyone or anything that doesn’t benefit their vile agenda of self gratification. To be sure Nadler can relate to criminals, he’s one of them. As for Schummer’s wife, where did that incompetent woman receive her degree in structural engineering, to be placed in a position that oversees the planning,, building,, and maintenance of physical structures? How many shady deals and Quid Pro Quos were these two venomous snakes involved with? And how many others who share the same dirty sheets of the Liberal-Commie Party, sleep under those cover-ups? A bulldozer would be needed to unearth the reeking stench of the piles of BS created in congress in both chambers of horrors.

2 years ago
Reply to  HonorAmerica

Someone might want to check out Chuck’s history years ago about an incident with a sixteen year old girl, friend of his daughter and what happened. I use DuckDuck for better searching.