MSM’s ‘Bombshell’ video of a Parnas-Fruman-Trump ‘meeting’ helps Trump


The MSM released the full 90-minute tape of the President’s ‘meeting’ at the Trump Hotel with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman in attendance.

The video is not of a meeting as the MSM portrayed it. It’s a casual, private dinner with light conversation. In fact, it’s amazingly uneventful. The President listened, asked questions, and joked.

This appears to be a fundraiser with donors.

It’s harmless and Trump didn’t say anything he doesn’t always say. He didn’t even know what business all these people are in and had to ask during the conversations. He might well not remember Parnas and Fruman. This dinner took place in April 2018, and he must have had hundreds of these affairs since that time.

President Trump was surprised to find out Ukraine had oil deposits. That should put an end to the Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy theories.

I found the conversation kind of fun. It should end peoples’ concerns about what goes on in these events.

The comment about recalling our ambassador to Ukraine Maria Yovanovitch sounds like a joke. The MSM took a small selected snippet out, but in context, it gives a very different impression. In any case, serious or not, these dinner comments didn’t mean a thing. She wasn’t recalled (not fired) until May 2019.

We do give the media credit for making another hysterical scandal out of a no-never-mind. When you listen to the entire clip, it helps President Trump. It’s another manufactured media crisis.

Parnas and Fruman should never have been allowed to get away with this. Parnas spent most of the time whispering to Fruman in a foreign language. Why were they taping?

The President was polite, humorous, didn’t talk much, joked, and nothing happened here. Okay, next attack…bring it on!

The full video, visuals are mostly of the ceiling:

You can also click the link and download or watch the full video on the dropbox:

The President discussed it briefly on Friday night on The Ingraham Angle.

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