Warren gets coveted endorsement since she’s not ‘radical,’ she’s ‘right’


Pete Buttigieg is getting his own Fox News town hall right before the Iowa caucus and Elizabeth Warren just received the coveted Des Moines Register endorsement. Is it about these candidates or are they just working on knocking crazy Bernie out?


The Register is Iowa’s top newspaper and it’s a major boost for Warren. She was one of nine candidates interviewed. Their decision was announced on Saturday. The caucuses are on February 3rd.

They chose the fake Indian since they believe she will “push an unequal America the right way.”

If making us all equally poor is what they have in mind, we agree.

The Register Board says each candidate, including her, would treat truth as something that matters.


“The outstanding caliber of Democratic candidates makes it difficult to choose just one,” the board wrote. But ultimately, it declared, Warren is “the best leader for these times.”

No, seriously?

The Register’s final poll will be published online and revealed live on CNN.

Bernie Sanders, a Democratic Socialist/communist leads far-left, barely conscious Joe Biden, but within the margin of error. Far-left Buttigieg and socialist Warren are close contenders. This caucus can spur enthusiasm.


The Board believes the Massachusetts senator “is not the radical some perceive her to be.” The board said she isn’t radical, noting that Warren was a registered Republican until 1996.[Those days are long behind her]

The editorial casts her as a capitalist who supports fair markets “with rules and accountability” and advocates for a government that works for its people, not the influence of money.

Warren doesn’t measure economic success via the stock market or unemployment rate, the board says, as Trump does, but by how working families are doing. It also said her “competence, respect for others and status as the nation’s first female president would be a fitting response to the ignorance, sexism, and xenophobia of the Trump Oval Office.”

President Trump has done more for working families than any president in decades. The President has done more for minorities and women than any president in years. So, how do they come to their conclusions?

Some of Warren’s policies seeking “big, structural change” on corporate governance or taxation go too far, the board cautioned. “But Warren is pushing in the right direction.”

And many of her proposals, it continued, “would improve life in America, and they are generally shared by the other Democratic candidates, who bring their own strengths to this race.”


In its editorial, the board praised the other top candidates as well. Biden “would restore credibility in the White House and respect among allies around the world.” Buttigieg “brings refreshingly smart, youthful optimism.” Klobuchar “offers a track record of bipartisan achievement,” and Sanders “champions the working class.”

“But at this moment, our country needs more,” the board said. “At this moment, when the very fabric of American life is at stake, Elizabeth Warren is the president this nation needs.”

They must have missed the debates.


She will pay off college debt for those who didn’t do the right thing and saved. She promises to violate the Constitution to do it.

All college and PK from age 0 will be free.

Healthcare — long-term care, vision, hearing, dental, medical, drugs — will be free for all, including any foreigner who pops in illegally. No more private health insurance and all those workers can go sell auto insurance.

Warren will attack Trump and his staff after he leaves office.

All housing, cars, trucks, and more will be net-zero by 2030 or else.

She’s tied to a Tehran-tied lobby group

Warren will abolish the Electoral College somehow so we can have a mobocracy. The senator from Massachusetts would like to stack the Court.

She’ll take some of the border walls down. Halt deportations, she says, at least for a while.

No more officers in schools and no ‘weapons of war’ for lawful gun owners.

Warren doesn’t just talk. She has a plan for confiscating wealth.

If companies hire the ‘wrong employees,’ she will stop them. The fake Indian wants half of all employees she hires to be women and non-binary.  Choosing people by their physical attributes and sexual proclivities is WOKE! She says black women, black transgenders, cis women, gender-nonconforming people, and nonbinary people are the backbone of America. That leaves all you men out. It’s the age of the Amazon woman.

She embraces AOC’s wage and price controls.

The big chief is going to take over private companies through regulations and fines.



  1. Oh Yey, We’re saved by none other than than Leotard Lizzy who seldom changes her attire but never ceases to change her story.Well hot damn and pass the ruddabaker Lizzy was endorsed by the Demoines Register who bleats out the praises of every liberal mocking bird in the bush.None of them are about FREEDOM but hey pass out the Free Shit with an extra helping of taxpayers hard earned money and life will be bliss for the blissfully ignorant. Sharing the wealth of those that earned it with those that didn’t isn’t equality. It’s .communist wealth distribution. True equality is doing the task a person is capable of performing. … Sanders who never had a real job in his life and still doesn’t champions the working class. Really? then maybe we should send the ass cartons of EXLAX so he can manufacture his own free flowing shit along with rest of the economic gurus. As hairy Joe Schmo figures out which end of toilet paper roll to use.. I can hardly wait for that CNN, Corrupted Numb Nuts poll to be revealed. It ought to be a Fool’s Gold Mine of convoluted .crap.

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