Smash and Grabs in Pro-Criminal New York, Security Does Nothing


The pro-criminal policies of unelected Governor Kathy Hochul have made New York far less safe. Crime syndicates are running the smash and grab robberies. There is no accountability for the thieves under the no-bail, light sentencing mandates from the State and the city is even worse.

They need guard dogs. Robbers won’t like them.

This time it was a high-end Louis Vitton store in a posh Westchester mall. While shoppers and clerks tried to stop the theft, security looked on and did nothing.

Burberry was ransacked last week (see below).

Former gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino posted the clips of the thefts as they took place.

“The pro-criminal policies of @GovKathyHochul (ie. No cash bail) have made communities all across NY less safe. This brazen robbery of a @LouisVuitton occurred at my local mall @TheWestchester in White Plains.”

Rob Astorino posted the Burberry smash and grab on Saturday from the same mall at another high-end store.

“Same @TheWestchester mall, different day, different men. This time @Burberry was hit. Crime doesn’t just happen “in the city’ or ‘somewhere else.” It’s getting worse everywhere in NY and everyone is affected when criminals are emboldened by soft-on-crime laws.”

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Mean Boy Is Meaner
Mean Boy Is Meaner
1 year ago

Oh cool, the video is saveable.
Need some blank discs for all of these various videos.
Locally the Megamart had some employees chase shoplifters when it first opened back in the late 1990’s and then there was a fatal three car pile up a few stoplights down and that was the end of that.
Some comrades are wolves in sheep’s clothing and down with the burn it all down redistribute by any means necessary others just want to skate to the pension while going along to get along.

O/T-some replacement got lippy by the salad aisle so I said eat shit commie, no reply.
I remain meaner than a rattler because this is hostile territory we are in.