Smashingly Best Twitter User Award Goes to BDW, HONK! HONK! HONK!


BDW’s tweets this week are among the best tweets we’ve seen. BDW doesn’t solely concentrate on truckers but they are the news this week despite the news trying to shut down the trucker news. And, as an aside, yes, the US truckers are coming to our rescue also. Patience!

BDW highlighted the hypocrisy, fascism, and lies of the elites very nicely with appropriate irony in a number of tweets, some of which we included here.

For that he gets some well-deserved acclaim!

Let’s not forget this buffoon:

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The Last of the V-8 Intercepters
The Last of the V-8 Intercepters
1 year ago

Did they ban him yet?
Some of us saw right through the 2020 vote for Brandon or BLM burns down your town and have been studying the Long March to the global soviet since childhood. (H/T-Mrs. C)
They count on the dumbing down in order to move quickly for the Fundamental Transformation.
Don’t be that dumb guy or gal.