Smear merchants out to destroy Catherine Herridge for reporting Biden unmasking


Former Fox News reporter, Catherine Herridge is currently an investigative reporter working for CBS News. This week, she posted documents showing Joe Biden unmasked General Flynn. It’s factual and important news. It’s a big story. She didn’t editorialize and just put it out there.


The Biden campaign attacked Herridge as a partisan for putting out the documents showing Joe Biden unmasked General Flynn.

Andrew Bates, the Director of Rapid Response for Team Biden, published a tweet attacking her which he later deleted. It wasn’t received well.

He wrote, “SCOOP Catherine Herridge is a partisan, right wing hack who is a regular conduit for conservative media manipulation ploys because she agrees to publicize things before contacting the target to ask for comment.

Is that a joke?


The Daily Beast smeared her reputation. They are smear merchants who hide the truth and destroy anyone who tells it.

The headline of their hit piece is, The New CBS Reporter Driving Democrats—and Some of Her Own Colleagues—Crazy, and in a little box, they write ‘the post-Fox life.’

The subtitle is, Since jumping from Fox News to CBS last year, journalist Catherine Herridge has frustrated Democrats and some of her own co-workers, who worry she pushes “GOP talking points.”

In just a headline and a subtitle, they suggested her colleagues don’t like her, she’s anti-Democrat and only pushes GOP talking points.

The article starts by tying Mrs. Herridge to Attorney General Bill Barr, who they obviously don’t like. They write that Barr exonerated General Flynn even though he lied. They added that people were surprised she scored the exclusive with Bill Barr, adding that Barr knew just who to turn to.

It goes on with this nonsense and anonymous sources. It isn’t true, she gives the facts and just the facts.


CBS News has issued a statement defending Herridge: “Catherine is a deeply sourced reporter who has worked the national security beat for two decades…This is the kind of aggressive reporting we applaud at CBS News.”


In a hit piece of Ric Grenell, the Acting DNI who released the documents, the Brock-Soros smear machine included Mrs. Herridge in their smear: it was immediately leaked to CBS News’ Catherine Herridge, a former Fox reporter whose work often promotes Republican talking points. Herridge then published the letter on Twitter. (The document did not turn out to be precisely what the Times had reported. It had been generated on May 4, not during the “Obama era,” and dealt solely with cases involving Flynn, not “Trump associates” more generally.) 

So what? They weren’t leaked. Grenell had the okay to publish them and gave them to an honest reporter with a megaphone. If he gave them to her, that is. It’s not clear where she got them, and she does have a lot of sources.

One thing is clear, the smear machine is out to get Catherine Herridge because she seeks out and reports the truth.

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Uppity White Man
Uppity White Man
3 years ago

Catherine knows that when you are catching flack; you’re over the target. I just miss the skinny broad on FOX.

Dane Bramage
Dane Bramage
3 years ago

The super genius lefties think that tweets can be deleted down the memory hole because deplorables could never work a screen capture app.
Be of good cheer Catherine because the smear machine firing up means you are doing something right.
It is great to see that some real journalists remain.
Lots of scuttlebutt over interweb tubes about Grenell and his satchel of documents, it could be time for some Skinnypop.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Any reporter or news agency that reports the news truthfully is attacked ruthlessly by MSM