Smirched! Brutal Take Down of NY Times and WaPo Editors


A recent event at the Columbia Journalism School is worth watching on the Jimmy Dore video below. The name of this panel was Faultlines Democracy, Policy, and Press, Building a Democratic Press. Among the speakers were Joe Cohn and Sally Busby, top editors at the New York Times and the Washington Post, respectively. It was overpowered by the brutal questioning of the Editors.

Activist reporter Jose Vega showed up at the event and his questioning showed made Hesther Prynnes out of the editors.  Jimmy Dore has him on the show because he challenges politicians and pundits, especially on their support for the Ukrainian proxy war …to their faces.

He showed up at the event, and this is his first question:

“Oh, just a lecture, … I just, I’m looking for the one with Seymour Hersh because it’s a policy and press hall event. So shouldn’t we be talking about the Nord Stream since that’s the biggest story of the century, and you guys, you know, I mean, you have the executive editor of the New York Times there who came out with a phony story to try and block Seymour Hersh? It’s just kind of funny how that happened, you know?

“I mean, did you even acknowledge Seymour Hersh? All of you were executive editors of papers that broke Pentagon, Malay, Watergate… this the same papers or not?

“I mean is there anything you’ve gotten right in the last 20 years, or am I mistaken about that? It’s just kind of funny because Iraq- wrong, Syria- wrong, Russiagate -really wrong, OK? I mean the list goes on and on so the last thing you could do to try and actually fix your reputation is acknowledge that.

“Through leaks, we had to find out that Zelensky was going to bomb Moscow on the anniversary. I mean, if you’re so impartial, shouldn’t you at least say that Zelensky was going to bring us to the verge of World War III?

“This is one of the recent Pentagon leaks that showed up on the discord server, apparently, which is that the US stopped Ukraine from bombing deep into Russia on the anniversary of Russia’s invasion. That seems pretty fair.

While Julian Assange rots in prison, all of you got, you know, fat checks because he’s in jail for doing your job. And you know what? Tucker Carlson ain’t no Seymour Hersch, but he did something you guys are scared to do – speak the truth and actually be critical of the war, which is why he was actually fired from Fox.

“Because you are all cowards, every single one of you. None of you have actually had any relevancy. And you know what? The mainstream press is now dying. Nobody’s ever gonna listen to you again. You have no credibility with the public. The only people who care about what you have to say are elite ********. Yeah, nothing productive to say anymore, and it’s dying off, so will you at least say something either about Nord Stream or Ukraine or the fact that Zelensky brought us to the verge of World War III, and the only reason we knew about that was through leaks? And you go ahead; it’s a free speech event, right? You guys are the press…”

He said he was done, but no one on the panel answered the questions. Lots of noise from the audience drowning him out. The WaPo editor said they had to allow other people to ask questions.

Jimmy Dore and his staff jumped in here. (Mr. Dore is a liberal but his fellow liberals say he is a conspiracy theorist)

“So exactly what you think they would do. They say we need to have our moderator ask us other questions. We don’t want to answer any of those questions because they reveal that we are stenographers to power.

“And we are evil because that’s what those people are. They are manufacturing consent for murder and slaughter of Ukrainians for money, and that’s exactly what they are.

“You want to see what the banality of evil is? Those people on that stage — Jonathan Capehart and those editors of the newspapers. Those people are evil. They are doing evil. They are manufacturing consent for slaughter of people, and there’s no bigger pieces of **** in the world. Vega knows people, and he’s standing up to him, and that’s right. Good for him.

“That’s why it always takes four of them to write the article,” said the staff member.

“That’s right, exactly; I was talking about earlier, yeah, or people on these stories, all recycling the claims of intelligence officials. These are the people in charge. Look at these people. Can you believe that those are the people in charge of your news media?

“And now you know why I have a popular show? Because those are the people bringing you the news. You really think the New York Times gives you the news? There are … people in this country still think that the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox bring you news.

“They bring you nothing but straight propaganda from the handful of billionaires that own them, and that’s that. And that’s why those people couldn’t answer one of those questions; wow.

And this video goes on, and eventually, Jose was dragged out of the room, noted the sidekick.

Watch Jose continue the questioning without answers. That wasn’t his only question before he was dragged out of the room.

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