Smoking Gun Proof! CDC Moves Cancer Deaths to COV Deaths to Hide Cancer Increase?


We need some doctors to weigh in. The information looks solid. They appear to be hiding cancer deaths related to Covid or the vaccine. Twitter user, Ethical Skeptic, shared data from the CDC, and it’s stunning.

The CDC vote on Thursday needs to be postponed until we find out how extensive the CDC fraud is on recent excess Non-COVID Natural Causes and Cancer Mortality.

“The CDC is now (post ‘system upgrade’) unilaterally shifting Cancer UCoD deaths to Covid UCoD deaths (even trivial nosocomial cases of Covid). Thereby hiding the stark cancer increase from you,” Ethical Skeptic tweeted.

“Thus, what we observed to be an anomalous compression in the Cancer reporting lag, was not a change in reporting lag at all. The CDC did not ‘make the system perform better’ – they were fraudulently shifting Cancer UCoD’s to Covid. What we called ‘curating’.”

Pfizer is way too rich and way too powerful. Look at what they do to buy the media.

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