Boyfriend to a Chinese Spy, Eric Swalwell Posts a Crazy Abortion Ad


Eric Swalwell, who had a Chinese spy girlfriend named FangFang, tweeted a ridiculous fear-mongering ad with police arresting a woman for having an abortion. It’s so absurd and it’s hateful towards police. Along with the ad, Swalwell tweeted, “MAGA Republicans want women arrested for having an abortion. This is what that looks like. #LockHerUp

Swalwell is a disgrace, yet he’s still on the foreign relations committee and one of Nancy Pelosi’s favorites.

There is no law in any state that would allow police to arrest a woman for having an abortion. Besides abortion is still allowed. The only thing the Supreme Court did was return the decision to the states.

Pro-life laws protect the mother and pursue the provider only. They are decided by state now and the people have a vote. Not everyone wants people to see women abort a fully-developed baby through the brutal partial-birth abortion procedure.

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