Snobby Aussie MP Puts Out a Very Racist Vax Message


This is a stunning clip of an insulting MP!

MP Mark McGowan has a message for the Indigenous people which he gave in English in the clip. He then had an indigenous woman translate it into…wait for it…wait…wait… English. She’s not speaking Pig Latin. Everything she says is perfectly understandable English.

This is one of your leftist racists who probably doesn’t even know how incredibly condescending he is.

Am I missing something here? If it’s a comedy routine, he’s terrible at it.

Perhaps he thinks the Indigenous people don’t understand him when in fact they just don’t want the vaccine?

A Twitter user posted this skit. It’s a perfect response:

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Narwhal Tusk vs Nazi Attack Turtle
Narwhal Tusk vs Nazi Attack Turtle
1 year ago

Bwaha! That first tweet is great.
Bad things happen when officials (offal) get the idea that they are some anointed class outside of the people who actually keep things running.
Every position should be voted on and term limits for everything with the people having an attitude of vote them all out and start over with each cycle.
Nomenklatura and apparatchiks will bring us all down just to keep their club and cushy gigs going.