Rand Paul obliterates Ed Secretary over transgender sports policy


Miguel Cardona, Joe Biden’s nominee to be the Secretary of Education, told Rand Paul during his nomination hearing that he thinks it’s okay to have biological boys competing in girls’ sports.

Paul had a hard time getting him to answer. Cardona kept trying to avoid answering, using the usual weasel words.

Paul explained that “a lot of us” think that it’s “bizarre” and “not very fair.” He said there are a lot of girls in his family who have competed in college athletics. The idea of a 6′-2″ boy competing against his 5′-4″ niece doesn’t sound very fair.

“I think most people in the country think it’s bizarre… and you’re going to run the Department of Education and you’ve got no problem with it?” Senator Paul said.

He also asked Cardona, “What planet are you from?”

It would be nice to know why the other Republicans aren’t railing against this. It will destroy female sports.

There is no science in the Democrat Party, just far-left ideology. If girls’ and women’s sports are destroyed, then so be it. They are hardly pro-women — that’s just political blather to get votes.


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