So, What’s Everyone Paying for Gas These Days?


Global crude oil prices surged to more than $110 per barrel and the cost of natural gas skyrocketed to a new record in Europe on Wednesday. The Left is blaming Russia, but our problems are due to Biden and his incremental destruction of oil, gas, and coal.

I just paid $900 to fill up my oil tank in my average-sized house and almost $70 to fill up my gas tank. Thanks, Joe, and all you little Marxist academics floating around the Oval office.

Russia is a major supplier of every crop nutrient, and higher food prices will come as the war in Ukraine rages on. Grocery bills could go to $1000 a month. “Think food prices are high now? We import $700 million of fertilizer from Russia every year,” wrote Rep. Thomas Massie.

Where’s Joe on this? In Delaware, in the basement?

This administration, led by the most popular president ever, is driving inflation, not Putin, and it’s because he’s beholden to the progressives (communists) in his party. The Left is ruining peoples’ retirements, ability to enjoy luxury items and vacation or even buy food. They are destroying the middle class — all the people Biden and his comrades don’t care about.

The Left is deliberately driving up the price of fuel to make solar and wind look better because it is extremely expensive. They will even import oil at $75 million a day from Russia. Russia is using it to fund its war on Ukraine.


To Energy Secretary Granholm and comrades, it doesn’t matter that we can’t get off oil and gas right now since solar and wind can’t take their place. The Left is very extreme and is rushing something that can’t work at this time for ideology’s sake. They have no regard for our national security and general well-being. They just do it based on ideology or to overturn capitalism.

The Left will destroy us.


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