Soccer teams kneel during the anthem, player calls his fans disgusting


The audience stood with their hands over their hearts while the players knelt to a Marxist organization.

Soccer players from FC Dallas and Nashville SC were booed and jeered at by fans for kneeling during the anthem ahead of Wednesday night’s game. The fans also chanted, “USA! USA!”

The athletes and referees taking a knee during the national anthem at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas, in front of a sparse crowd, disrespected our nation and our flag. They honored a Marxist organization using racism as cover.

“I think it was absolutely disgusting,” Dallas defender Reggie Cannon said after the match, Sky Sports reported. “You’ve got fans booing you for people taking a stand for what they believe in.”

They probably haven’t a clue why they’re kneeling.


“We got fans booing us in our own stadium. How disgraceful is that?” he said. “We asked for no anthem because we don’t feel it was right for the anthem to be played at this moment. They ignored our wishes, so we were going to kneel regardless if the anthem was played or not.”

Leftists have wanted to get rid of the anthem, the flag, and patriotism for eons.

After the fans booed, teammate Ryan Hollingshead apologized to Cannon.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry for our fans,’” Cannon recalled. “Because we had someone chanting ‘USA’ when they don’t understand what kneeling means.”

No, they don’t understand what kneeling means. Sports should be a place of unity, not politics and division. They had better get used to the booing or face empty stands. He should be sorry about disrespecting the fans.

Dallas and Nashville were forced to withdraw from the league’s “MLS is Back” tournament after players tested positive for COVID-19.

The teams played Wednesday night in front of a small crowd of questionably 2,912 as their regular seasons resumed in local markets, according to CBS.

Videos of the booing were wiped from the Internet. All we have is Reggie calling his fans “disgusting.”

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