“The President deserves the Nobel Prize for the Abraham Accord,” Trump’s right again!


President Trump’s Mideast strategy has been to strongly back Israel, support the Gulf monarchies, and press back hard against Iranian imperialism. Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, UAE Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, and President Donald Trump made the policy work. The UAE has normalized relations with Israel under the Abraham Accord.

The Arab nations understand the danger posed by Iranian hegemony in the region. The prior administration did not.

There is one concern. Israel agreed to suspend the West Bank annexation plans but the UAE made no concessions. On the up side, this is a formal peace agreement after 72 years of hate. President Trump thought outside the box, took some of the focus off Palestinians and the ‘knocking head against wall’ diplomacy to make peace with the rest of the world.

Liberals claimed the President’s policy would lead to catastrophe. Instead, he delivered an outstanding diplomatic achievement. The UAE is the first Arab League country to recognize the Jewish state in 20 years.

Many Democrats said moving the embassy to Jerusalem would make this impossible. The NewYorker said that the Trump Admin’s assertion that the move would advance peace (in scare quotes) was a “fiction.”  ABC News said the “fallout could be dangerous.” CNN reported it would “roil the region” and “undermine regional stability.”  Vox did a lot of fear-mongering and al Jazeera used it to spread propaganda.


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