Social Media Probe Required for Concealed Carry in NYC


Newsmax reports that the New York Police Department has created an emergency rule establishing new criteria for obtaining a concealed carry weapons license.

The new guidelines eliminate the ”proper cause” standard, but the other rules are ridiculous. They demand ”a required in-person interview before receiving a handgun license.”

The state will also require ”four character references and a list of current and former social media accounts from the last three years,” completion of a gun safety course, and affirmation of notice for rifle, shotgun, and handgun permit holders.

They will hunt for any excuse not to give it to anyone. We do hear that criminals aren’t a bit concerned about these rules.

Mayor Eric Adams boasted of police confiscating over 6,000 guns this year but failed to mention everyone gets right out of jail for gun crimes.

There is also a required “affirmation of notice for rifle, shotgun, and handgun permit holders.” You shouldn’t need any city approval to buy a shotgun or a rifle.

New York City will do its best to make certain people don’t carry guns in a very dangerous city where serious crimes are not adequate cause for imprisonment or even prosecution.

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