Social Security Administration Sends Money to Ukraine Now


The Grayzone researched how U.S. tax dollars are used once sent to Ukraine. We have been told that they are spent directly on supplies for the war effort, Grayzone reports.

U.S. taxpayers may be shocked that as their families worry about Social Security becoming insolvent, the Social Security Administration in Washington, D.C., sent $4.48 million to the Kyiv government in 2022 and 2023 alone.

In another bizarre example, USAID paid off $4.5 billion worth of Ukraine’s sovereign debt through payments to the World Bank. This is as Congress was at loggerheads over America’s soaring national debt, as Grayzone states.

To sum up, our Social Security is going to Kiev (Kyiv) for something, and we’re paying off Ukraine’s debt to the World Bank. Not to mention that our borders are wide open while we try to protect Ukraine’s borders.

We should also mention that millions went to private equity funds. At the risk of sounding conspiratorial, is this part of a Biden family business deal? Why are we doing this? Uncle Joe played fast and loose with a billion U.S. tax dollars to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. It was helpful to his son and Burisma.

President Zelensky and Biden, Wikimedia Commons.

Does this feel normal to you?

According to Grayzone, Heather Kaiser did the research, and while she couldn’t calculate the entire sum sent to Kyiv, she was able to perform an independent audit of Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine. She used open-source data available on the US government’s official spending tracker.

It’s difficult to find the total amount spent and wasted when the government hides some of the money. Also, there’s a lag in reporting. Moreover, the Pentagon recently admitted to an accounting error that they revised up to $6.2 billion.

Amazingly, Miss Kaiser did get quite a bit of information. There is much more at the Grayzone for you to consider.

Indeed, the Biden family business of potential influence peddling in Ukraine makes this even more suspect.

The Grayzone does investigative reporting. While they are way to the left of me, I think they do good research.

The administration says they are the most transparent ever.

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