British Secretary Wants Ukraine’s Speedy Admission to NATO


British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said Thursday that NATO should consider skipping a Membership Action Plan (MAP) as a requirement for Ukraine to join the Western military alliance.

MAP is the process of making sure the country meets requirements. This is intended to speed up entry.

That will put us on a full-scale war footing with Russia since they could invoke Article 5, which means we must defend a NATO nation.

Finland and Sweden didn’t go through the process. Biden said he won’t ease up on the process for Ukraine, but he says a lot of things.

One of the stated reasons for the invasion is that Russia doesn’t want NATO on another of their borders.

Ben Wallace, hopefully no one listens to him on this issue.

Ukraine hopes NATO will accept them via MAP at the upcoming Vilnius Summit (on July 11-12).

Speaking in parliament on Wednesday, Zelenskyy argued that Kiev’s [Kyiv’s] battle-hardened troops would help strengthen NATO — not weaken it — when Ukraine will be “victorious.”

“We are now a recipient of security assistance,” Zelenskyy said.

No one who knows anything believes that it will strengthen NATO. No one.

The aforementioned information from this article came from Dave DeCamp and was reprinted by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge. It was also posted on trtworld, and probably was the first post. Sentinel adds the opinion.

Wallace was told he was out of the running to head up NATO. Biden allegedly blocked him but denied it. After hearing him talk about leaving pets back in Afghanistan, I wonder if he was ever under consideration.


According to Secretary Wallace, Ukraine is winning. The Ukraine and Russian maps are different. The Ukrainian map shows them picking up land, and the Russian map shows Russia advancing.

The other side disagrees.

FT has a map including the land Ukraine says they won back. in the last week, they said Ukraine won back 17 square meters. On a metric conversion scale, it says that is equal to .000006563737mi²

Ukraine says they liberated several villages, but I can’t get confirmation on that.

Col. MacGregor said Ukraine is finished.  He added that Russia is advancing in the Northeast toward Kharkiv.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 months ago

He is merely another bought NOW stooge, trying to impress the higher ups.