Socialist multi-trillion dollar bill includes an AOC climate corps


Fascist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka Sandy Cortez, aka AOC, wants to go to war over the climate she literally knows nothing about. She is getting her climate corp of young people which will be more of a vehicle for indoctrination, bullying, and anti-whiteness.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for a ‘wartime scale’ effort to fight climate change in a presser where far-far-left lawmakers pledged that money for a 1.5 million-strong ‘climate corps’ will be included in the Democrats’ budget reconciliation bill.

‘The question is not just if we are going to do it, but how – how big, how ambitious?’ the New York communistic Democrat [she calls herself a democratic socialist but their agenda is to the left of the CPUSA] said Tuesday morning.

‘Our climate crisis today requires a peaceful but wartime scale mobilization in order to combat the climate crisis,” the far-far-left woman said.

It would provide good union jobs, AOC says.

It will be based on their preferred voting blocs, no doubt.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who opened the press conference, said he would ‘ensure’ the climate corps is part of Democrats’ sweeping $3.5 trillion budget bill.

You should also know that the sweeping bill is actually — at least — $5 trillion, as the Wall Street Journal reported. It’s a Trojan Horse.



President Biden included $10 billion for a Civilian Climate Conservation Corps in his original $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, which struggled to gain Republican support.

Ocasio-Cortez outlined an ambitious scope for how far the money should go.

She pledged that half of the CCC’s funds – which could be up to $5 billion – would go ‘to making sure that this is not just going to our national parks and funding Climate Corps members to our national parks, but in urban communities as well to face environmental injustices.’

She added that the millions of new positions would be ‘good union jobs.’  That’s all Democrats know how to create — useless or dangerous government jobs for the overpaid and underqualified who work under the government’s rule.

Everything about Democrats is for power and to make us all subservient — slaves — to Big Government, Big Corp, and Big Tech.



  1. Senile, corrupt, cowardly Mitch is on TV giving a weak critique of the bill, along with Graham and Scott.

    These people will win the senate back? What for? Mitch stands squarely in the way of turning the party back into an honest and pro-American party. The party is useless with Mitch there. Their approach is so weak that it must be a deliberate attempt to lose again.

    Mitch is undeniably the chief republican in congress that enabled the democratic takeover. Only fools would want him to represent the part.

  2. War with the climate? Bwahaha!
    Lady Nature will still be here long after we are bleached bones in the sand beneath the Ozymandias sign.
    A Carbon Credit exchange based in Chicago with comrade kommissar Algore as the high potentate.
    Indulgences for climate heretics with Sandy Cortez as the arbiter.
    Terminal Madness.

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