Socialist School Bans Limos, Cars, Buses for Prom & Pics in Botanical Gdns


Everyone can’t afford it so no one can have it. This is one of the mantras of socialism that takes away from our competitive and free existence. It destroys everything it touches under the false belief that we have to make all outcomes equal. While we are all equal and must not be deprived of equal opportunity as much as possible, NO ONE is ENTITLED to equal outcomes.

Socialists (Democrats) want to change that by ignoring all the variables that go into success by making people into victims.

An example of socialism at work came up this week when students at a New Jersey high school were told of a new school policy that would prohibit them from taking a limo, party bus, or their own vehicle, or any car to the prom.


Lakeland Regional High School superintendent Hugh E. Beattie said the new rule is about safety and “equity” so that students who can’t afford a nicer ride don’t feel left out.

The little dictator Beattie said they can only go to the prom by taking a chaperoned school bus at a cost of $15 a person. There will be two departure times from each location for the 45-minute trip on June 4.

For many students, the treat to a limo or a fun party bus is the best part of the night.

The policy also bans the tradition of taking photos at the New Jersey Botanical Garden in Ringwood.

Who the heck is this guy that he can tell people how to get to a location and where they can have photos taken? That’s socialism. They know better and they will tell you what to do. They are the social engineers who think we are all pawns on their chess board.

The district can set these rules legally but parents might raise a ruckus at the next board meeting.

This is what fascism and socialism do — tell people all must share equally. But we all learn from our families, our station in life, and there is nothing wrong with that. I grew up poor and it was not a problem. I worked hard to get nice things for my children and grew as a person along the way. Nothing was handed to me, and I’m proud of that.

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Warren L. Kitchel
Warren L. Kitchel
4 years ago

In the typical socialist society, self-righteous “leaders” gain control of key government positions and then tell you how to lead your life for the “benefit” of society (think AOC). In other words, socialism is a totalitarian, dictatorial form of government.