Socialist Worker UK “Rejoices” as Palestine “Humiliates Racist Israel”


If you want to know how Socialists feel about Jews, here’s the truth from the Socialist Worker UK.  Democrats are also socialists and communists. They are the enemies of the Jews.

The title of the article is: Rejoice as Palestinian resistance humiliates racist Israel

These are excerpts from the article. It’s insane:

The Israeli state is humiliated, shaken and scared. It has vowed to extract bloody revenge for its defeats last weekend.

“We need to break the ­enemy’s bones,” ran a commentary in the Israel Hayom newspaper last Sunday. “We need to bring it to its knees until it begs us to stop, to strike at it mercilessly and to pummel it viciously.”

The state is going to ignore all international law and inflict a collective punishment on millions of people in Gaza.


A good comparison is the January 1968 Tet Offensive by the Vietnamese National Liberation Front.  This humbled the US government and the world’s most powerful military machine.

In the South Vietnamese capital Saigon, liberation fighters blasted a hole into a US embassy compound and stepped foot on their occupiers’ soil. This happened last Saturday as Palestinians tore down the fences that imprison them and trod on land seized by Israel.

The Tet Offensive was the moment US power was exposed as fallible. Just like last weekend, it underlined that the oppressed are the subjects of history, not just victims and objects of pity.

Just like the Israelis, the US had ignored the coming storm. US official Sam Oglesby said spies in Vietnam were “barricaded in their compound with the noise of ear-splitting generators blocking them from the real world outside and fed fabricated ‘intelligence’ by paid informers”.

Israeli officials had falsely ­concluded that Hamas was not ­interested in or capable of a major confrontation with Israel.

According to Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, an assessment by security services last week found that Hamas was eager “to avoid a ­fully-fledged war with Israel”. Officials were unaware of plans for the combined rocket assault and raids on the south.


This is the link:

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