Soledad O’Brien opposes free speech at hearing, she’s nuts (video)


Right now a paid propagandist of Qatar, Soledad O’Brien, is urging cable networks to not book liars. Democrat media gets to decide who is a liar. When she announced she’d be a witness at today’s McCarthy II hearings, she listed all the corporations she worked for but left out Al Jazeera.

She’s insane, really, she wants to stop media from covering people she decides are liars. By rights, that should eliminate legacy media.

O’Brien claims the media is booking neo-Nazis. She thinks all people on the right are neo-Nazis.

She did criticize CNN and NBC for what that is worth.

You can see where they are going with this by looking at what led up to these hearings.

The Democrat Party characterized free speech about the allegedly corrupt election as seditious and they called the January 6th riot an insurrection. They did the same thing with revelations of Hunter Biden’s ties to China and the Ukraine, and COVID. That’s what preceded today’s hearing. Democrats decided that just discussing it is treasonous. Social media has silenced all discussion of anything they disagree with basically.




  1. She started on a Tech show years ago and didn’t last all that long. She had some show on a broadcast network not long ago and she spouted lies on many occasions. That was enough for me to discount anything she said from then on.

  2. I guess we should bow before the ultimate go to expert on media, Soledad Obrien.

    I remember the many panels that Peter Jennings had on media and ethics. Even during that time you could see the beginnings of “ethics” as being rather fungible. Of course it was promoted as some type of greater good in the end. But that too was questionable.

    I see a common theme displayed in this hearing as everywhere else, whereby “journalism” is equated with “reporting”. The Standford University has a description of “journalism” on their site which differs from what could be considered as reporting. The goal and purpose of journalism was to write a “story”. A story, by its nature, has to be compelling and draw out of a person some emotional connection. In this respect the facts, or details, are a small part of the end product. Reporting, on the other hand, only contains the facts and details, without a “story”. So when a person says they are a “journalist”, know that their interest isn’t reporting. It’s why journalists want to “change” society and reporters want to inform society. From what I’ve seen OAN is the only channel that does “reporting”.

  3. Who? I agree she is a commentator, editorialist, entertainer, but not a journalist.
    I do like Mike Royko, HL Mencken, Glenn Greenwald, even though he is considered a leftist.
    After watching the Snowden movie I liked him more.
    Al Jazeera? Throw some Crunch N’ Munch to those freaks in the rafters.

  4. She is a great example of AA gone wild. She is not a deep thinker, she is a propaganda profiteer. She is after money and power, not fairness.

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