Solution to Opioid Crisis Fueled by Gangs Is to Sue Manufacturers???


For years, the left has been trying to convince people that hospitals, doctors, and manufacturers are responsible for the opioid crisis. That may be a problem but in no way is it THE problem. Manufacturers aren’t the guilty parties and hospitals only prescribe what a doctor orders.

Sue Drug Manufacturers Instead of Going After Illegal Drug Dealers

The government will sue drug companies! That’s equivalent to suing gun manufacturers for guns that are used in crimes or suing Ford because some drunk drove it into an innocent person.

The problems are the open borders and the transnational drug business. Police in New York, for example, have said that Los Zetas, a gang that is affiliated with Middle Eastern terrorists, owns the drug trade in New York City, Westchester, and Long Island. The drug dealers live in our urban and suburban towns, in homes, to facilitate sales. Deadly drugs from south of the border and from China are secreted in the marijuana and other drugs people take.

We need to close the borders but the left seems to have the President convinced the manufacturers and hospitals are to blame.

This is what the President announced today:

“…We will be suing certain drug companies for what they’ve done with the opioids and will be bringing the suits at the federal level. The level of drugs that are being put out there and the — the power of this addiction is hard to believe. People go to the hospital for a period of the week and they come out, they’re drug addicts. There has to be a better way.”

“Doctors are way down now on their orders of the opioids, way down. It’s a great thing.”

“We are also looking for — in our research funds, we are looking for a medicine that can stop the pain without the addiction so that people aren’t going to become addicted to these incredible drugs. So that’s part of what we have, we’re going to have $6 billion and having to do with opioids and other problems that this country and in fact the world is having with drugs.”

What will that do?

As one who has had serious surgeries, I am grateful for the drugs that helped me through. Having had numerous surgeries, I was given opioids and never came out addicted. They don’t freely prescribe them.  I’d like to know what the hell he’s talking about.

Build the wall and leave the drug manufacturers alone. We can already foresee what will happen to this money to stem the opioid crisis. It will be wasted on looney ideas and it will grow government.

We haven’t updated this article since 2014 but it holds true, only you should think “worse”.

What the DOJ Doesn’t Want You to Know: Mexican Drug Cartels in 1200 U.S. Cities

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