Nike reports profit loss of $790 million, what, Kaepernick couldn’t save them?


Nike reported a profit loss of $790 million in the 4th quarter and a decline in sales of 38%, 46% in the United States. Instead of making 7 cents a share, they lost 51 cents a share. With Colin Kaepernick as their mascot, how could this loss have happened?

Don’t worry, they still have their Chinese Communist friends, benefitting from their near-slave labor.

Nike says it’s the coronavirus, but this happened right after they dumped Betsy Ross sneakers because Colin Kaepernick didn’t like them. He was offended by the Betsy Ross flag. His hatred of America is the likeliest reason.

The sneakers were meant to celebrate Independence Day but Castro-loving Colin Kaepernick was offended by the early version of the American flag.

The Wall Street Journal sources said Kaepernick, who appears in Nike ads as some kind of hero, complained and that was it.

I haven’t bought Nike since, and I bet I am not the only one. Many are thoroughly sick of these easily offended America haters.

They will lay off people in July through Fall.



  1. Well I feel bad for the laid off employees… they’ll have time to watch him kneel and play football this fall …tickets will be REALLY cheap……Supply and Demand, ya know….

  2. I quit buying Nike when they hired Kapperdick. I haven’t watched any NFL for the past couple of years. Not interested in supporting a bunch of overpaid ungrateful ignorant game players who disrespect our country.

      • Michael, can YOU tell me how many unarmed Black men were killed by cops in 2018 in the ENTIRE United States? I’d guess you cannot. There was 14. Total. 14 unarmed, but 9 of those were attacking the cops and either beating them or attempting to beat them. And there were 442,000,000 (million) interactions between cops and citizens in the USA in 2018. Yes, bad cops should be fried.. Not fired, FRIED. On that we’d agree – but for those Blacks to do the damage and looting (see the videos of Target and other stores), for these 5 unarmed and of no threat to cops …well, is it worth it to the Blacks who are burning their own neighborhood shopping? Dumber than a box of rocks….

        BLM is a fraud – as the Blacks in Chicago killed more of their fellow Blacks IN ONE WEEKEND than ALL the cops in the entire USA in an entire YEAR !
        Get the facts – get educated – if you can and want to . Otherwise….it’s only gonna’ get worse for you…..

        • Michael is a meme quoter who does not reply to others based on facts…. Pure emotional drivel is the preferred operating mode and it is almost always triggered by the Democratic Party puppet masters… who know how to egg on the simpletons who comprise their following…

          Guess he has no idea that black males who represent aprox 8% of the US population commit almost 60% of violent felonies in this country. Probably doesn’t even care that the chances of being murdered by a policeman are a fraction of the chances that the police have of being murdered when confronting those committing said felonies… Oh, and wait… there’s more…

          When we start to talk about murder, how about Michael takes a look in his mirror and holds himself accountable for the inner city wholesale slaughter of black innocents by members of the black community….

          Could go on and on, but the point is made…. Stop blaming others for what the inner city communities need to fix within the community itself. It does not matter what the color of your skin is (it’s only a feeble excuse to enable failure at the earliest moment possible, no matter who you are), it truly is about stepping up and becoming accountable to yourself, those who depend upon you, your community, God, and moral virtues that dictate actions/behavior. Until the inner city communities face up to the street punks dictating violence and embrace morality in the form of enforcing right over wrong, at every turn, and within individual families, nothing will ever change. Glorifying punks and false narratives is just plain stupid.

  3. Regarding the Betsy Ross sneakers. Nothing says American patriotism like an American flag on Chinese made sneakers. People should have been boycotting Nike long before their ungrateful has been football player spokesman was brought on board. Same goes for any American company that manufacturers in China or any other country that hates us.

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