Some Pencil Pushers Decided a WA State Lawmaker Can’t Work for Not Showing Vax Papers


Washington State lawmaker Jim Walsh tried to go to work on Tuesday but was unable to get into any government buildings because he did not present his vaccine papers.

As a result, he can’t do any work as an elected legislator. This was the result of an interim policy put out by a small number of pencil pushers. No lawmaker voted on it!

“We are absolutely falling into some sort of Stockholm Syndrome that’s taken hold of the legislature here in Olympia,” he said in a Facebook video. “And rather than being that active check against the Governor’s abuses, we’re following the Governor’s lead. That’s not what we’re supposed to be doing. We’re supposed to be standing up to that and representing you!”

He said this has “a corrosive effect” when they are not “reigning in the Governor.”

This is yet another power grab to destroy states’ rights. It’s serious. Make no mistake about that. It’s no small change. Watch the clip:

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