Somehow McCarthy Is Within Four Votes of Winning After the 13th Round – He Shouted at Reporters


Kevin McCarthy is within two votes of winning the Speakership if you count the absent Republicans who would have voted for him. There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin will cross the aisle and get Democrats to vote for him to win if need be. He will then pay them back at the Republicans’ expense. That’s who Kevin is.

The next vote is scheduled for 10 pm tonight.

Rep. Gaetz thought he could hold back ten votes from McCarthy; however, McCarthy’s side thinks they can overcome the opposition by isolating Gaetz – who wasn’t invited to negotiations on Wednesday but showed up anyway.

The six current holdouts are Gaetz, Biggs, Boebert, Crane, Good, and Rosendale. McCarthy needs two of them.

After initial reports that there was a deal, McCarthy said there isn’t one, but they are in a “great place.”

He then shouted at journalists to get off the call in which it was discussed.

What Bo says in the next tweet is so true. The Republican Party has been a joke since the 1990s. McCarthy is a swamp creature, but we could do worse and get Steve Scalise.

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