Someone Tried to Blow Up TurkStream


President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Ukraine had carried out “terrorist acts” against Russia, accusing it of, among others, trying to “blow up” the TurkStream natural gas pipeline and pledged to react forcefully if they continued. Reuters had the same report.

We have no idea if it’s true that the US or Ukraine tried to blow up TurkStream, and Putin presented no evidence.

Podcast host Clayton Morris, a former co-host on Fox News, interviewed Scott Ritter about the latest near-catastrophic pipeline explosion. Mr. Ritter speaks against the accepted narrative of the Ukraine-Russia war.

Ritter said the Russians and Ukrainians are not enemies, but Zelensky is an enemy of Russia. According to Ritter’s analysis, it has made Russia reluctant to kill Ukrainian people, but after the Crimean bridge was blown up, they seemed to be turning to full-scale war.


The former intelligence officer sees this as more of a civil war.

The US continually says they are not a party to the war but are supplying weapons to the war. Ritter says that makes them a party to the war, but there are red lines they have not crossed.

He says it’s a war that Russia will win. Russia believes the US and NATO are in a direct war with Russia. The Kremlin mostly blames the US.

At the same time that Ukraine President Zelensky calls for preemptive strikes, NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenburg is running nuclear war games. Ritter asks, what is Russia to think? Russia thinks we are directly in the war and are threatening them with nuclear weapons.


Ritter believes the US blew up Nordstream and tried to blow up TurkStream. He can’t know that, but it is his opinion. Russians stopped the attackers before they could blow it up. They are now under arrest. To be fair, there is a lot of terrorism against Turkey’s pipelines, and it’s gone on for a long time.

He also addressed efforts by Russia and Turkey to make Turkey a hub for gas and oil supplies to Europe and other continents. Putin is trying to restore leverage.

The former Marine says that we now have al Qaeda and ISIS fighting for Ukraine, and we pay them. Ukraine has no money, and the US funds these people. We have read that before but can’t confirm it beyond independent reporters like Clayton Morris. In the clip on this link, an Islamist terrorist describes who paid him.

As far as peace, no one is talking about it.


William Scott Ritter Jr. is an author and political commentator. He served as a United States Marine Corps intelligence officer and United Nations weapons inspector. He was a junior military analyst during Operation Desert Storm and then as a member of the United Nations Special Commission overseeing the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq from 1991 to 1998, from which he resigned in protest.

In this next clip, Clayton Morris hits upon the ISIS-Al Aqaeda faction allegedly fighting for Ukraine.

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1 year ago

You want facts? It’s a fact that high ranking Nazi’s were allowed to run to Ukraine to live after WWII. Despite numerous promises by the U.S. to Russia to sweep them out, the U.S. never did and today they’re running Ukraine. This is who we’re in bed with and who Putin is determined to defeat. Actual WWII Nazi’s. Fact? The U.S. State Dept. overthrew the newly elected Government of Ukraine and installed Zelensky. He’s an Actor. Biden claimed the President was a crook which was totally false. Then he screams about “Democracy” here. The new President was actually a reformer who was going to take down all the corrupt businesses and politicians including Hunter Biden and his gas company. Biden had the Attorney General of Ukraine fired from his job. Don’t you really remember any of this? Do I really have to go on?

Last edited 1 year ago by Daniel
Thomas Payne
Thomas Payne
1 year ago

Reading this and similar baseless articles with their associated comments, I can only conclude that the US will shortly run out of aluminum foil due to the ever increasing demands for hats.

1 year ago

The Reality is we are fighting an Illegal War in Ukraine and have been for over a Decade. The CIA funds Secret Wars around the World and this needs to stop. America should never fight a Secret War. All Acts of War needs to have the approval of Congress and be known to the People. The whole Traitor Joe Administration should be tried for Treason for fighting a War in Ukraine without a Declaration from Congress. America needs to get back to basics, We don’t go to War without a clear and specific Declaration of War from the Congress. I know the Congress is Ball-Less, but we need to force the issue going forward or the idiots in the Beltway will get us into WWIII. In my mind, the Congress has also created Treason for funding this Ukraine War Effort. The only authority the President has to Wage War without the Congress under the Constitution is to repel invasions and Traitor Joe is derelict in that duty also.

We need to stop the CIA from meddling in the politics of other Nations and installing two-bit Dictators like Zelensky. When the Government is Acting in Secret, it is a Rouge Government; not a Government of The People. When the Government acts against the best interest of The People of the United States or in secret, it must be stopped. I’m all for the Military taking over the Government for 45 days, jailing the Leaders of an Administration, then holding a Snap election in 30 days. As soon as the election is over, turn the Government over to a New Administration. Once the New Administration is in place, the Military should then try the Old Administration for Treason and execute all who are convicted. There needs to be consequences for going Rouge!

We can’t have Presidents and Bureaucrats acting outside the Law simply because they are the People in Power. Regular Military Coups can go a long way to keeping the Government in line as long as they return power back to The People in a reasonable amount of time and 45 days is very reasonable! While the President is in charge of the Military in time of War, it is the Senate who should Consent to the Commissioning of every Officer and Consent to their Promotions. The Military Should be lead by the President in time of War, but an Officer’s allegiance should be to the Constitution and the People, not the President. America does not have Kings!