Someone Tried to Fundraise for the Waukesha Terrorist


Darrell Brooks, the Waukesha terrorist who injured more than 62 people, many of them children, and killed six, including 4 dancing grannies and one 8-year old child, had a GoFundMe set up by someone who thinks he’s the victim because he’s black.

Brooks was charged with five INTENTIONAL HOMICIDES, soon to be six.

GoFundMe did take it down.

This is what the fundraiser said about “dear friend Darrell”:

“On November 21st, 2021 our dear friend Darrell Brooks was arrested for allegedly driving his car into a parade, as someone who knows Darrell Brooks personally I can tell you that he would NEVER do such a thing and I know he is innocent of what he was charged with.

“Clearly there is more to the story the media is not telling us and I am seeking to raise the bail so Darrell Brooks can be released and speak his truth to his side of the story in this tragic situation that sees another black man behind bars in a purely political and racist trial.

“There is no excuse for this continued treatment of black Americans by prosecutors around the country, everyone must be presumed innocent until proven guilty and we ask that he be treated equally as anyone else in this country would be treated and he should be released until found guilty,” the fundraiser continued before listing hashtags like “#BLM” and “#NoJusticeNoPeace.”

A GoFundMe spokesperson told Fox Business that the fundraiser was taken down because it violated GoFundMe’s Terms of Service.

“Fundraisers with misuse are very rare, and we take all complaints very seriously. Our team works with law enforcement to report issues and assists them in any investigations they deem necessary,” the spokesperson said, adding that the organizer has been banned from the platform.

GoFundMe is left-wing and takes down conservatives routinely.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
6 months ago

It is a wonder they took it down…am sure biden would have made a substantial donation…

7 months ago

Bail is part of our legal system. The court sets bail and release requirements as it deems necessary for every defendant. Bail is set to insure the defendant will appear in court and based on their threat to society posed by their liberty conferred by bail release. A fundamental question for bail is who bears the burden of that liberty? That person or entity is responsible and accountable for insuring bail conditions are met. When the defendant can’t furnish bail to the court, they may be able to buy bail insurance (bond. The bonding company usually sets requirements in addition to the court’s. Sometime those additional requirement are quite onerous because the bondsman must forfeit the entire bail insured by the bond when the defendant violates court bail requirements. Sometimes bail is set too low, sometimes too high. For Darrell Brooks, rgw first bail was obviously set too low. For Kyle Rittenhouse, bail seems too high. Some generalities and an opinion about this issue.

7 months ago

Actually, I’m not against a “Go Fund Me” for anyone. The American Court System is now a battle requiring money. What I would like to see is all defendants funded to the same level as the DA is funded. There is something intrinsically unfair when Government can spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a prosecution and the average Taxpayer is without serious resources. The Government should fund both the Prosecution and the Defense equally. That said, I have no problem with no bail for career criminals.