Something Different: President Putin Singing “Blueberry Hill”


Watch Russian President Putin sing “Blueberry Hill”. The Blueberry Hill clip is edited from a longer clip, but it seems like he actually sang “Blueberry Hill”.

In any case, we offer it as a curiosity and a break from Roe v. Wade hysteria on a slow news day. And, no, we aren’t Putinoids but we also don’t want to go to war with no money and an incompetent administration that surrendered Afghanistan to 7th-century thugs. Call us crazy, but we’d rather try to find a way to peace and end up on the blueberry hill.


He performed during a fundraiser for the St. Petersburg Children’s Hospital.

“Song performed by Vladimir Putin, accompanied by world celebrities, December 10, 2010 Charity ball in the “Ice Palace”, St. Petersburg”

The full clip with the piano playing: Елена Север / Владимир Путин, Благотворительный бал в Ледовом дворце – YouTube

The first 6 minutes is an interview with Putin, and some video of children at the hospital, presumably. We have no idea what he said during the interview.

Then he tries a few notes of “Blueberry Hill” on the piano, then he sings it (much better than his piano attempt), and finally, he plays a bit of some other song on the piano (which he seems to know better).

Then half of the audience is up on stage with Putin and the band for what seems to be the finale. Kevin Costner, Goldie Hawn, Gerard Depardieu, and other celebrities were in attendance.


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3 months ago

Pretty damn COOL!
His wife is Hot Hot Hot!!!!

3 months ago

I would rather have Putin as President then Traitor Joe. At least Putin puts Russia First!