Soros AG Won’t Let Mark Meadows Vote in NC- Put Him Under Investigation


Donald Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was removed from the NC voter rolls, according to the State Board of Elections, acting on behalf of the Soros Attorney General.

The BOE says the former congressman from North Carolina is under investigation for allegations of voter fraud, and, therefore, can’t vote in his home state.

He voted from a mobile home in Scaly Mountain, NC in 2020. Allegedly, he didn’t live there. A spokesperson said he lived in Virginia and voted there in the 2021 election.

They haven’t received a challenge yet, and launched an investigation.

Josh Stein, Soros commie

The NC Attorney General Josh Stein, a far-left Democrat, asked the Board of Elections to investigate. Stein’s campaign was funded by George Soros and his son Alexander.

He is a radical who is accused of manipulating elections and using Marxist tactics to usurp the power of the voter.

Additionally, Stein likes to give awards to radicals. In October 2020, Attorney General Josh Stein “awarded 12 Triangle area leaders with Dogwood Awards. These awards are for North Carolinians dedicated to keeping people safe.

One of the recipients of the award is a radical leftist protestor – Peter Gilbert. Gilbert toppled a confederate soldier statue and was arrested in 2017.

Stein is far-left on just about every issue and a credit to Soros – ruining North Carolina.

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1 year ago

If we accept this we deserve it.

1 year ago

Last I looked, people determined where they live in America, not the State! If he only voted in one Place with one vote, then he didn’t commit voter Fraud.

After leaving Congress as a NC representative there is an Assumption that he would return to NC as his home after working in DC since he had ties to NC. It appears that his Wife rented the house around the time of the Election and if you’re traveling and not settled into a new home your last residence is used. His Wife and children spent time there would indicate they may have wanted to resettle in that area. That indicates intent to move back to NC. A residential address is not where you always live, especially if your job involves significant travel. For years, I lived overseas, but still listed Florida for voting and tax purposes because that was the last place I lived and had a Florida Drivers License. I eventually purchase a Condo in Florida over 15 years later. Just because you are not physically at a location, that does means it’s your home or residence. If you travel a lot it’s where you intend to live or take time off to.

This just looks like a paperwork exercise to make news, since Meadows had strong ties to NC and logically would have returned to NC unless work took him somewhere else. I’ve lived in the Beltway. It’s possible that Meadows may have thought about moving to the Beltway when he sold his house, then had second thoughts and decided to go back to NC.

After doing some reading on this issue, I wonder how the homeless in NC vote? Don’t get me wrong. I think voting and voter registration should require land ownership. A house is also a good idea. America wouldn’t have so many problems if only land owners could vote in Federal Elections. But then Meadows does own land in NC and probably pays taxes on that land, so not allowing him to vote would be taxation without representation.