Chris Wallace Has “Daily Breakdowns” at CNN Plus, Makes Demands


Jon Nicosia, the Editor of News Cycle Media, says that Chris Wallace is “having daily breakdowns” over the “miserable launch” of @CNNplus. He wants a “CNN show or is threatening to walk…He is having staffers count how many times a day his promo is playing”.

Wallace is just a bit arrogant. This is the guy who left the number one cable show — Fox News — to take the job at the fake news outlet CNN. No one made him do it.

He wasn’t very nice when he left. Wallace claimed people on-air were starting to question the truth. It was a royal trashing of Fox News and Tucker Carlson. Meanwhile, he’s at fake news CNN.

As we reported yesterday, CNN Plus has bombed royally because people who don’t watch CNN for free, also won’t watch it for a price. The free version can’t keep up with cartoon reruns and the paid livestreaming service has under 10,000 subscribers. They aren’t even worthy of blog status.

Many would say Wallace deserves this and he’s with his own kind, so, live with it. He stuck it to himself.

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