Soros Candidate Doug Jones Wins in Alabama, Say Hello to the “New South


Far-left candidate Doug Jones, supported by numerous hard-left groups funded by George Soros, has won the Alabama senate seat and will be in office for two years, enough to harm Alabama and likely enough to cost the President his agenda.

He might take it easy on Alabama for the two years so he can get the four year term and truly enact his agenda, but he will not support any of Trump’s agenda.

Jones is pro-abortion to the moment of birth, anti-gun, pro-climate change extremism, and will be Chuck Schumer’s toady when he’s not transforming Alabama.

Jones is not a traditional Democrat, he’s a Progressive.

He supports massive immigration with loose border controls. His support for strong transgender rights is at the expense of those who aren’t, including religious people.

As the left-wing Boston Globe put it, Jones’ message to Alabamans is to evoke the concept of a “New South” willing to exorcise racist “demons”. That could mean statues going down and hate speech laws if he has any power to promote them.

Alabama is in trouble, and the Trump agenda is probably dead, there simply aren’t enough Republicans in the Senate and several Republicans are really Democrats or hate-filled never Trumpers bent on revenge.

It’s unfortunate the President didn’t leave Sessions in Alabama.

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