Soros DA won’t charge warring gangs who shot it out


The suspects are members of two warring factions of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang who allegedly shot it out Friday morning in the 1200 block of North Mason Avenue, where more than 70 shell casings were found.

George Soros, whose money is responsible for Black Lives Matter, a violent communist organization, is also responsible for getting pro-criminal, anti-police DAs and sheriffs elected throughout the United States. His money got DA Kim Foxx elected and she’s behind releasing criminals like this gang.


Five men linked to a deadly gang-related shootout Friday in Austin were released from custody after prosecutors declined to charge each of them with a pair of felonies, including first-degree murder, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

This is in a city with 769 homicides the city officials try to blame on guns. Meanwhile, they don’t prosecute gun crimes. They simply want to take guns from ordinary Americans.

The brazen mid-morning gunfight, which left one shooter dead and two of the suspects wounded, stemmed from an internal dispute between two factions of the Four Corner Hustlers street gang.

The source said police sought to charge all five suspects with murder and aggravated battery. By Sunday morning, a Chicago police spokeswoman acknowledged the suspects had “been released without charges.”

“Mutual combatants was cited as the reason for the rejection.” Mutual combat is a legal term used to define a fight or struggle that two parties willingly engage in.

The Cook County prosecutors made the same argument last week when a teen was stabbed.

Even Mayor Lightfoot and some of her city council urged Kim Foxx to reconsider charging them.

Lightfoot said that she and a group of West Side aldermen sent a letter to Foxx imploring her to reconsider filing charges in the case, according to The Sun Times.

“It’s complicated, for sure, but we really urge the state’s attorney herself to get personally involved, look at the evidence,” Lightfoot said. “And I believe that there are charges that can be brought at a minimum against the individuals who initiated the gunfire. We can’t live in a world where there’s no accountability.”

Instead of begging, she should be using the weight of her office against Foxx.

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