Alarming! Soros Buys Controlling Share of 220 Radio Stations


Undeclared communist globalist George Soros is about to take over the second-largest radio company with more than 220 stations nationwide. Soros likes to call himself a philanthropist but donates mainly to extremely far-left organizations.

The billionaire Soros Fund Management has bought up a controlling share of the debt in Audacy. Audacy is the Number 2 US radio broadcaster behind iHeart media. It includes WFAN and 10:10 wins, and a popular Los Angeles-based station.

Soros is the notorious funder of District Attorneys who won’t keep criminals in prison and don’t prosecute crimes they don’t like.

In the last election, he bought up Hispanic-speaking stations in Florida.

This should terrify us. He uses his money to implement his extremist views, such as interfering in elections. George’s son Alex, now at the helm, has vowed to do whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump and Republicans. He seems to want a one-party rule.

Soros is taking on about 40% of the company’s senior debt of the bankrupt company. According to Bloomberg, Soros will own $414 million of Audacy’s first lane debt.

We know how bad his influence has been on television stations and newspapers. Now he’s going to influence radio.

Six weeks after Audacy filed for bankruptcy, a corporate maneuver saw Soros Fund Management emerge as the radio company’s primary shareholder.

According to Billboard, led by chairman George Soros, who founded the private investment management fund in 1970, Soros Fund Management has experience working with radio and media assets, including $80 million invested for Latino Media Networks by way of Lakestar Finance, notes Radio Ink, plus investments in Vice Media and Crooked Media.

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