Erick Erickson Has a Message for Some Conservatives


Erick Erickson self-describes as a conservative and said on his Substack that so-called conservatives are spewing hate for the United States when they call in. I have no idea what his callers are saying, but what he said afterward made me wonder why he’s a Republican at all.

He said they found the “perfect boogeyman in the progressive left,” blamed their ills on Biden, and complained the 2020 election was stolen.

I love my country and my Constitution, so for me, the progressive left led by Biden is evil and is destroying the country. The 2020 election was corrupt.

He complained about Tucker saying prices in the Russian supermarkets were great, and Moscow was immaculate, which malcontents in America use to accentuate the problems of the US.

Erickson agrees that there are problems, such as the shooting in Kansas City. Then he proceeded to complain about the unfortunate death of Mr. Novalny, a victim of an assassination. That is probably the case. They sent him to a prison north of the Arctic Circle. He was, however, trying to fundraise to start a color revolution in Russia. As a freedom fighter, I’m sympathetic to him, but he took on the ruler. Erickson said Russia’s abuses in Ukraine cannot be ignored.

His conclusion: “But these malcontented pseudo-conservatives who parrot Tucker’s talking points have no perspective of history or world events and simply want to complain about the United States in a way that was formerly only done by the left. Just as the Democrats threatened to leave the country with the election of Donald Trump, these malcontented “conservatives” are welcome to do the same. Delta is ready when they are.”

I put this up for discussion purposes and would like to hear peoples’ opinions about this. Personally, I’d like to see Erickson complain about the left as much as he complains about conservatives. It’s good to know how the “conservatives” like Erickson think.

Erickson took over some of Rush’s radio stations, but he’s not Rush.

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