Soros Funds Anti-Israel, Hamas-Supporting Groups


George Soros, the famous far-left “philanthropist,” gave $15 million to Israel-bashing protests supporting Hamas.

He’s been giving these groups money since 2016.

His open society foundations records show that Soros’s grant-making network gave $13.7 million of the money through the far left Tides Center. It sponsors several nonprofits that justified Hamas’s bloody attacks while claiming Palestinians are the victims.

Tides includes the Illinois-based Adalah Justice Project, which on October 7 posted a photo on Instagram of a bulldozer tearing part of Israel’s border fence down with the caption: Israeli colonizers believed they could indefinitely trap two million people in an open-air prison… No cage goes unchallenged.

There’s much more at the New York Post, people should know that he is funding Hamas-supporting groups and might be perfectly content with the destruction of Israel.

It’s especially ironic, considering that he falls back on his Jewish heritage whenever anyone criticizes him. He’s quick to call people anti-Semitic.

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