Soros’s Blotto O’Rourke Forgot a Few Things in His Bio


The popular left to the left of left Democrat Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke will forever be known as Blotto O’Rourke. Blotto is Ted Cruz’s competition in November,

At age 26, Blotto drove drunk at ‘a high rate of speed’ in a 75 mph zone on Interstate 10, dangerously crossed into oncoming traffic lanes, lost control, and hit a truck. Then he tried to flee the scene but was stopped and police arrested him, Instapundit reports.

He then used his connections to get out of trouble.

Could you or I get the charges dismissed after blowing a .135, crashing, and trying to flee? Hot Air wants to know.

He’s forever being compared to the Kennedys and by God, he is a Kennedy!


In a recent op-ed, O’Rourke referenced his past brushes with the law.

“Twenty-three years ago I was arrested for attempted forcible entry after jumping a fence at the University of Texas at El Paso,” O’Rourke said. “I spent a night in the El Paso County Jail, was able to make bail the next day, and was released. Three years later, I was arrested for drunk driving,” also describing it then as “a far more serious mistake for which there is no excuse.”

Added O’Rourke: “But those mistakes did not ultimately define me or stop me from what I wanted to do in my life or how I wanted to contribute to the success of my family and my community — as a father, small business owner, city council member, and congress

He didn’t give those details until The Houston Chronicle published police reports from O’Rourke’s September 1998 DWI arrest in Texas near the New Mexico border. The records, according to the paper, indicate the incident was a “more serious threat to public safety than has previously been reported.”

The arrest has long been public knowledge, but the details in the police reports had not.


Beto O’Rourke culturally appropriated his name from the Hispanics but used white privilege to get out of trouble. What a guy!

Vote for “Blotto” O’Rourke, says Ace of Spades who coined the new nickname, so Blotto can do for Texas what he did for highway safety!

Trump will come out for Ted! He’s picking the “biggest stadium in Texas we can find”. And they are BIG in Texas! The President also tweeted that Ted has his “complete and total endorsement”, adding, “His opponent is a disaster for Texas – weak on Second Amendment, Crime, Borders, Military, and Vets!”


Blotto is George Soros’s rising star. He’s the Soros-funded MoveOn leftist candidate. Tom Steyer loves him too, keeps offering him money, but Soros’s is enough.

The Soros-funded group MoveOn.Org announced in December 2017 that Blotto is their officially endorsed candidate.

Redstate and Ken Webster Jr. of KPRC say he’s an unsuccessful weasel.

According to Ken Webster Jr. of KPRC, the guy is a disliked politician from El Paso.

Webster points out that O’Rourke isn’t exactly a picture of success. He had a failed pop-punk band and he is a failed businessman. His political career has been embarrassing, says Webster.

O’Rourke’s weasel-like behavior has even cost him the loyalty of people within the Democratic party, Webster says.

According to Webster, O’Rourke was caught using eminent domain — the act of seizing private land for government use — in order to hand it over to developers and get a cut of the cash.

A leftist named Carmen Felix initiated a recall petition and when Felix’s plan began to gain traction, O’Rourke changed his tune and claimed everything that he had been accused of was wrong to do and would change his ways. However, this was only lip service.

In September of 2006 a group called the Land Grab Opponents of El Paso filed an ethics complaint against O’Rourke and the Paso del Norte Group, a company who was working with Beto on the development project. The projected reeked of corruption.  It was revealed that O’Rourke’s own company, Stanton Street Technology Group, was providing services to the Paso del Norte Group [where O’Rourke’s father-in-law just so happened to hold a high ranking position].  His father-in-law, his own company and his political allies were all benefiting from this deal.

Blotto is what one might call a crony capitalist or crony socialist — same thing. And he loves really big government that will take away Texans’ freedoms.

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